The aim of SWIP Austria is to bring into focus the importance of women working in academia and to promote their work in philosophy both inside and outside of the university setting. An organized association of women philosophers and feminist philosophers is especially important when set against the recent institutional background in Europe and more specifically in Austria. It is important to emphasize that the intention of the society is the visualization of women in philosophy from all disciplines, sub- disciplines and shades of opinion inside philosophy. SWIP is not only a forum for feminists and gender-scientists, it should be a society for feminists, as well as women philosophers who do not consider themselves feminists per se. The targets and duties of the society for women in philosophy are as follows: the society is a non-profit organization to support women working in and committed to the study of philosophy in Austria. Its purpose is to advance equal treatment and gender parity for women in philosophy, both students and professionals, philosophers at all levels of academia, colleagues in other institutions and also in our society as a whole. SWIP will work towards the following aims: Fostering and facilitating cooperation between women in philosophy; supporting women in philosophy in a holistic sense; building awareness of recent and past discrimination against women; collecting useful information of scientific and philosophical concern for women in philosophy; commitment to ending discrimination against women, which can be found not only in all parts of our society, but also at universities. It is very important to offer a forum to connect women in philosophy both in Austria and internationally. bank details: Raiffeisen Bank Leonding BIC: RZOOAT2L276 IBAN: AT38 3427 6000 0006 4261 contact details: